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 Dayn (Completed)

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Dayn (Completed) Empty
PostSubject: Dayn (Completed)   Dayn (Completed) EmptyTue May 08, 2012 8:56 pm

Character Name: Dayn
Allegiance : Marine
Job: Fighter
Crew or Loner: Crew
How you found us: Searched one piece on forumotion and this site popped up. =p
Do you agree to the site rules?: Yes
Sample RP :

Dayn took a deep breath of the crisp night air as he stared out into the sea. Life was different now, he knew. Like the sun, his past had set, and a new beginning would come with the morning. Just today, he had been promoted to Ensign, the first commissioned officer rank. He felt an odd satisfaction, which was very unusual for him. He had done little besides training the last few months, working tirelessly for this promotion, which was a stepping stone to his goals. Becoming strong, the thing Dayn wished for more than anything else in this world.

Dayn knew that all the fun times and carefree days were over. It was no longer worrying about getting hurt training. From now on, it was laying your life down, to protect the weak. Winning, because anything less meant death or dishonor. Dayn grinned at the thought. He would never lose, he vowed to himself. He could not afford to lose. The strong did not lose. He would not rest until he was the strongest.

He greatly liked saving others, the appreciation they showed him when he did. That was the reason he joined the marines, or at least part of it. The Marines would help him become strong, and he would be able to save people if he worked for them, which killed two birds with one stone. He had been training endlessly for months, but his chances to be a hero would only start now. He could not afford to mess up, to lose. Dayn knew that opportunity would be taken away if he failed the first fight. They would view him a too weak. Too weak to protect others. Maybe too weak for his title, and take that away as well.

Dayn shrugged his shoulders , as if to let the weight of that pressure slip off, but his Justice Coat remained, like a constant reminder of his responsibility, which he could not just shrug off or shy away from.

Dayn turned as he heard footsteps coming toward him. It was getting dark, but Dayn could still see well enough that the lean man who approached was his mentor, who had been helping him train for a while now. "Congratulations. Now you can go off saving the world.." the Rear Admiral mocked. Dayn, used to his way of speech, did not read into it. His mentor seemed to thrive in getting a reaction out of people, excluding only his superiors, which he had acted very professionally around. Dayn looked over, and nodded, not needing to say anything. It was something he wanted, after all.

"All joking aside, I'm here to give you your new orders. You are to report to some small island in the East Blue. You are to be on the ship that leaves at sunrise, from port 4, tomorrow. The Captain at the outpost on your assigned island will give you more details when you get there."

"I understand." Dayn replied. Personally, he was not one to say more than needed. Granted, he was thinking too deeply to care for simple conversation, but honestly, he would not have said much, if anything, more normally. The Rear Admiral seemed to think that answer was acceptable, and turned to leave. Dayn looked back out to the sea, but it was getting difficult to see anything.

Dayn heard his mentor stop a few paces away. He hesitated, as if about to say something, but started again, leaving Dayn alone. It was better this way. Dayn was not good with good byes, and he already knew what to do. Tomorrow, a new beginning awaited him. One where he would not depend on another to survive to see another morning. He was looking forward to it. Dayn grinned to himself, and turned back to the headquarters for the night.

Word Count: 638
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PostSubject: Re: Dayn (Completed)   Dayn (Completed) EmptyTue May 08, 2012 11:14 pm

Welcome to Shores of Destiny!

Our goal here is to offer as many customization options as possible while providing a fun, gaming-esque atmosphere. If you need anything please feel free to contact a staff member.

Please make sure to read the following threads as they will help you on your adventure!

We don't require anything special to get started after you are accepted, just jump right in and write.
You don't have to write out anything to travel from place to place, though we do encourage it.

As a new member on the site, you get a few items to start out...
Unforged Weapon- To forge this weapon, take a look at THIS THREAD. This will make a tier 1 weapon with nothing particularly special about it.
Boat- single person, 3 attacks, 2 slots. For more information on ships go HERE.
One Free Custom Skill Voucher- As soon as you join, you get one free custom skill request. It must be T1.

Starting Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 1000
Attack: 200
SP: 200
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Read more about Stats HERE
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Dayn (Completed)
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