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 Abilities and Skills

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PostSubject: Abilities and Skills   Fri Mar 30, 2012 7:12 pm

Custom Abilities/Skills

~Can be for your fruit, weapon, job, unarmed, almost anything
~When you start, you get one Free t1 skill.
~Pay exp 2k(t1)/3k(t2)/4k(t3)/5k(ultimate)
~Pay Beri 1k(t1)/2k(t2)/3k(t3)/4k(ultimate)
~Skill must be approved by staff
~rp must be graded before you can recieve the ability.
~special effects, such as stunning or burning, available upon staff review

T1- x2 damage
T2- x3 damage
T3- x4 damage
T4- x5 damage
T5- x6 damage

Custom Skill Vouchers- These are handed out for various reasons. You get one when you first join the site, you get one when you gain a devil fruit, you get one when you learn a Rokushiki umbrella skill, and so on. All they do is wave the cost for a t1 ability. This is meant to be used in combination with how you receive it. For example, you get one with a devil fruit, it's meant to create a devil fruit ability.
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Abilities and Skills
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