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 Fighting With Stats

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Nico Robin
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Fighting With Stats  Empty
PostSubject: Fighting With Stats    Fighting With Stats  EmptyFri May 11, 2012 7:36 pm

Getting Started

First off, two rpers have to agree, ooc, to a fight. If you can’t agree to it then don’t do it.

To convey this to staff, and to help keep track, you both post your current stats, gear, skills, and inventory items you might use. If this isn’t done then your rp will only be graded as an rp. Also, continue to keep track of your word counts.

The person with the most action points (ap) goes first. If you have the same ap then you both roll a 100 sided die when you post your stats. The higher number goes first.


Physical Attacks
Kicks, punches, slaps, knees, ect, anything that is used as an attack but isn’t named or a weapon is considered a physical attack. This means, where you figured your attack, is the damage you will do.

Ability and Skill attacks
Whatever tier your ability or skill is, gives you the damage.

T1- x2 damage
T2- x3 damage
T3- x4 damage
T4- x5 damage

So for a T1 skill or ability you would take your skill points and multiply it by two.

All damage is calculated after equipment is added in unless the skill states otherwise.


You have one free dodge per thread and it takes two attack points. Use it wisely.

Your defense percent is used to determine if you block an attack by rolling a 100 sided dice. For example, you start with 5% defense. You roll a 100 sided dice, you have to get under a 5 to successfully block the attack.
However many attack points are used to make the attack, are how many used to block it.

Winning and Losing

You are given usual gains for both winning and losing.

In addition to this, winners get an extra random drop roll, 500 exp and 500 Beri. Losers get 500 exp and 300 Beri.

When you beat someone in battle, you have two options, Release or Capture.

If you chose capture, and most likely you will,
Held For Ransom (Someone pays Beri for their release)
Turned in for a Bounty (allegiance pays, aka the system, holds them for two weeks)

Longest a person can be held is for two weeks. After that they auto escape.
During the time someone is captured, they have the option to escape, bribe their way out, wait for someone to pay beri for their release.

You are allowed to rp during this time through continuing already posted rps, or writing rps about your time locked up.

To escape you have to write a rp attempting to escape, leaving the ending open until you roll.
Roll dice on a rp.
If 1, they can do the escape rp.
If 2, they have to wait 4 days before trying again.
After two weeks they can automatically write an escape rp. Must be 1k or more words.

Capture rp bonus
1/4 more exp
1k words= 1250 exp
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Fighting With Stats
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