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     Neena Empty
PostSubject: Neena        Neena EmptySat May 05, 2012 5:06 pm

     Neena Firewoman

Bounty Hunter / Level 2
(Secondary Job/Level)

Devil's Fruit
(if you have one)

Exp: 1,154
HP: 56,770
Attack: 1,316
SP: 1,316
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 678

Head-- Owl Helmet (Unique Characteristics: Allows user to see, as if with their own eyes, in all 360 degrees around them.)
Chest-- T1 Black Leather Dress
Arms-- T1 Black Leather Wraps
Hands-- T1 Black Leather Gloves
Feet-- Flying Fishman Boots (Unique Characteristic: Allows anyone to walk on water for three turns.)
Offhand-- T1 Kunai for Offhand
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

Weapon- Kunai
Def- 0%
DB- 0
AB/SB- 0

Job Class
Auto permanent buff- 5% Beri from rps and missions
Persistence- Gives you an extra action next turn


T1 Swift Strike- Hit the enemy quickly with a kunai. This is difficult to dodge or block for weaker opponents.



Little Tiger
1 Person
3 Attacks
2 Slots
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     Neena Empty
PostSubject: Re: Neena        Neena EmptySat May 05, 2012 5:06 pm


Name: Neena
Age: 18 pre timeskip, 20 after time skip
Birthday: March 22
Star Sign: Aries

Dream: To know what it’s like to be truly free, no one chasing her, no one holding her back and then to share this with the rest of the people in the world.
Likes: freedom, wine, attractive men, gathering information, beri, expensive clothes
Dislikes: authority, tofu, jerks, people who refuse to tell her what she wants to know

Friends: various informants she has met over the years
Enemies: All ninja from the Illusion, Poison, and Madness clans. Her rival from Blood clan.

Family: She doesn’t talk about her parents.
Her brother, who was killed in training by her rival

About Ninjas
The ninja world that Neena is from, breaks her kind into four clans; illusion, blood, poison, and madness. History show that the clans have been at war for hundreds of years and no one remembers why. The current leaders have negotiated a treaty that prevents any member of any clan from attacking any member of any other clan. However, if anyone should leave their clan or any reason, they become a target. Older ninja are unable to retire, but resign themselves to teaching the young. Young ninja who choose to quit the lifestyle, are not only prohibited by clan laws, but also by the fear of being hunted. Most clans do not bother to go after defector ninja, but allow other clans to do it for them.

The clan names are not just names, but also an indication of their specialties. Illusion, focuses on tricking their enemies. Blood, focuses on the kill, or in some cases torture. Poison, prefers to kill their enemies slowly with poison. Madness, enjoys causing their enemies to slip into insanity. Each of the clans has it’s own government, economy, and laws. Each ninja interprets the laws differently. Their leaders are selected through popular vote, and are often elders whom have gained a great deal of honor for the clan.

Ninja clans are also known for posting their own bounties. Often, these are posted when a ninja is suspected of being a traitor, an outsider messes with the clan, or a ninja defects. The government stays out of their business, though many ninja hunt bounties for the government, and are paid well for it. It’s not often anyone from the government asks a ninja for help, but when they do, it’s likely someone from Blood clan. Blood clan is less likely to hide or use tricks, thus making them appear more trustworthy.

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PostSubject: Re: Neena        Neena EmptySat May 05, 2012 5:07 pm


-Neena’s parents move from North Blue to South Blue.

-They are sent on a mission in East Blue

-Neena is born in East Blue on an island known for dojos and strong fighters.

-Neena is enrolled, at the age of five, to a local ninja academy belonging to a member of the Blood clan.

-At the age of nine she is sent with two others to help retrieve a body tossed into the Gray Terminal on Dawn Island. She pretty much ignores the mission and explores the area. She is later rescued from a fire by revolutionaries. She tells them people should not have to live like this, they agree, and they tell her to meet with them again when she is older.

-Ninja training continues as she begins to decide how she wants to do things in her life. They don’t match with the Blood clan’s vision for her.

-When she hits her teenage years, she begins to do solo bounty hunts outside of the ninja bounties. She plays the part of an innocent, slightly flirty, girl interested in pirates in order to get close to her prey. During this time she determines whether or not to pursue the bounty further. If she chooses not to, she comes clean to her target and lets them know she sees them as honorable and that they are under her watch. Not to check for dishonorable activity, but to make sure they don’t die. "The world needs more people like you."

-She continues on like this for several years, until a member of the revolutionary army approaches her. She meets a lot of different pirates and revolutionary forces, a few of them proving themselves to be worthy of one day becoming her husband, after she fixes what is broken in the world and manages to disappear.
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PostSubject: Re: Neena        Neena EmptyWed May 09, 2012 10:27 pm

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