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Haki- The power to sense spiritual energy and over power enemies.

~Requirements are the same as devil fruits.
~For this, I will wave the requirement for weaknesses.
~For strengths, I need to know how one will intend to incorporate Haki into their character without it being overpowering or a godmod.
~You can have two Haki or a Haki and a devil fruit.
~Use the same request form you use for devil fruits.

Kenbunshoku Haki
(Observation Haki)
The ability to sense the presence of others.
Skills such as making the first move or an extra dodge per battle go under this section.

Busoshoku Haki
(Armament Haki)
Allows the user to defend against attacks that would cause them harm by hardening their bodies.
Temporary and permanant defence bonuses would go under this as well as counter attacks and temporary defense debufs.

Haoshoku Haki
(Conqueror's Haki)
Allows the user to dominate the wills of others.
Skills to incapacitate or mentally distract your enemies go here.
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