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 Crews, Partners, and Loners

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Crews, Partners, and Loners Empty
PostSubject: Crews, Partners, and Loners   Crews, Partners, and Loners EmptyThu May 03, 2012 2:38 am

You start with this.
Recklessness- An all out attack that doubles your damage. You take half the damage you dish out and any allies in battle take the same damage as your opponent.

Partnerships are formed when you have had more than one rp with a person.
Nakama Bond- Throw yourself in front of your nakama to protect them from damage.

Requires that you have had more than one rp with the person.
All for One- Take the average of all your attacks, multiply it by the number of allies, and spread it out evenly among the enemies.

You must not belong to a crew.
Meat Shield- throw an opponent in front of an attack to take damage for you

when you change from having a crew to being a loner or vice versa, you will loose exp in the previous status and start at level one with the new one. However, you can switch or be traded to another crew without any effect. Remember, you will always keep your partner bonding exp so choose your partners wisely.

NPC Crews- This is allowed, you may even NPC canon crew mates as they are in the show (EX: Luffy NPCs Zoro), as long as no one is playing the character. No NPCing someone else's OC without permission.
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Crews, Partners, and Loners
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