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PostSubject: Join Form     Join Form EmptyFri Mar 30, 2012 7:35 pm

About Faceclaims and Playbys: Anything from Toriko and One Piece reserved for the characters. Also, Naruto and DBZ playbys are off limits. Sorry if this creates any problems for you, but this is so that people can use those characters.

Characters from other series are counted as OCs. However, we still need to know what series they are from. Remember, they have to fit into the One Piece world. However, in the other rps forums, they can be played according to their series.

Fill out this form and put it in a new thread.

No character is considered dead.


[b] Character Name:[/b]
[b] Allegiance :[/b] (Marine, Pirate, Revolutionary, citizen)
[b] Job: [/b]
[b] Crew or Loner: [/b]
[b] How you found us:[/b] (if you have another character, let us know)
[b] Do you agree to the site rules?:[/b]
[b] Sample RP :[/b]
(500 words or more of the character you want to be)
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Nico Robin
Nico Robin

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PostSubject: Re: Join Form     Join Form EmptySun May 13, 2012 11:04 pm

This is the reply you will get when we accept you.

Welcome to Shores of Destiny!

Our goal here is to offer as many customization options as possible while providing a fun, gaming-esque atmosphere. If you need anything please feel free to contact a staff member.

Please make sure to read the following threads as they will help you on your adventure!

We don't require anything special to get started after you are accepted, just jump right in and write.
You don't have to write out anything to travel from place to place, though we do encourage it.

As a new member on the site, you get a few items to start out...
Unforged Weapon- To forge this weapon, take a look at THIS THREAD. This will make a tier 1 weapon with nothing particularly special about it.
Boat- single person, 3 attacks, 2 slots. For more information on ships go HERE.
One Free Custom Skill- As soon as you join, you get one free custom skill request. It must be T1.

Starting Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 1000
Attack: 200
SP: 200
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Read more about Stats HERE
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