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 Bleach Next Generation

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Bleach N

PostSubject: Bleach Next Generation   Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:55 am

Bleach NG

Soul Society - Hueco Mundo - The World of The Living

Shinigami or Hollow
Visored or Arrancar
Quincy or Fullbringer
Human or Bount

You decide and become the Next Generation.



We are a new site who is ready to flourish. Like any good site we need leaders. We have openings for Administrators, Global Mods, Mods, and some support staff positions. We are looking for friendly and responsible men and women. Sign up and let the good times roll.

On the RP side of things we have numerous Captain and Lieutenant spots, in addition to the many Seated Officer positions we have available. All Arrancar slots are open and ready to be taken. The Quincy organization is also in need of leaders.

We have plenty of room in all of our playable races for leaders and members.

We are ready to have a friendly and fun RP so come join us in the next generation of Bleach.

Accompany us on epic arcs and follow us into new and amazing battles in the world of Bleach.

The world has transformed a bit over time and the Thirteen Court Guard Squads are led by new leaders and faced by familiar yet foreign enemies.

The Arrancar have grown in secrecy will they once again rise against the forces of good.

The Visored have been banished yet again and feelings of their banishment can split the Thirteen Court Guard Squads apart.

The Quincy Organization has taken steps to get back to their former glory, but are they allies or enemies of the Gotei Thirteen?

The Bounts have managed to hang by a thread while Fullbringers have become a force in the World of the Living.

The Hollows still fight the Shinigami to devour the souls of the living and deceased.

The Humans have been caught in the crossfire now and then. Are they finally starting to wisen up?

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Bleach Next Generation
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