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 Devil Fruits

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PostSubject: Devil Fruits   Devil Fruits EmptyFri Mar 30, 2012 2:54 pm

What would One Piece be without these little gems? This system is fully custom and highly regulated.

3k rp required after approval, 10k exp
name, type, strengths, weaknesses, starter ability

Paramecia- Gain superhuman abilities. Alter your body or environment. Manupulate and generate substances.
Zoan- Beast-human hybrids, creature like abilities and traits.
Logia- Elemental transformations and abilities.

Name: Mimi Mimi Fruit- Mimicry
Type: Paramecia
Strengths: Can be used to copy the movements and abilities of others.
Weaknesses: Easily confused when faced with multiple opponents, causing them to loose control of the fruit.
Starter Ability: Copycat- Mimic the physical moments of others, allowing you to mirror their attacks.
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Devil Fruits
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