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PostSubject: Allegiances    Allegiances  EmptyFri Mar 30, 2012 2:47 pm

This determines where you are on the world's strongest list and who your enemies are.

Pirates- They answer to no one and are free from rule. However, this also makes them targets for the government. 4 Emperors

Revolutionaries- They despise their government and seek to overthrow the rule they see as unjust. This naturally makes them enemies of the government. 4 Leaders

Marines- The strong arm of the government. They protect the rule of their leaders and the citizens that live under them. The rulers and citizens also fall under this category in the allegiance system. 4 Admirals

Cross Alliances- Pirates working for the government, Traitor Marines, Revolutionary Spies, Revolutionaries turning pirate to fund their cause, ect. This requires your over all gained exp to be 50k and at least 1k words on how this comes about. Can be referenced in a chain of rps if you link them all on the request.
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