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 Without Memory (Whim) (stats)

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PostSubject: Without Memory (Whim) (stats)   Sun Sep 23, 2012 6:48 pm

On September twenty-third, at eleven fifty-nine midnight hours, a black rainbow-arch pulse raced across the sky, and the world of Moondane became a blank slate.

The world of yesterday no longer exists. You are free to do what you choose. Your records are gone, both academic and criminal. There are no longer any racial, gender-based, or any other kinds of stereotypes to be of advantage or disadvantage to you. There are no longer any laws to say you're a bad person, and social norms cannot exist when there is no society from which they may come. Bills and debts no longer exist, so you are no longer restricted by your nonexistent finances. Your dreams are gone- they left with your memory of self. You have no 'old life' to fall back on either- no friends, no family, no home, no job. But wait. That means you no longer have enemies either.

In this world of nothing- as if it were created overnight- everything is gone. There are a few maps that name the surrounding country, and there is old technology in the cities, including transporters that but you between the cities instantaneously. Without a past, your future has no restrictions. So what will you do?

Wait. There are a few questions that have to be answered, aren't there? Such as....

Who built the transporters and the cities?

Why is this world of Moondane named the way it is?

What happened to history?

How will order be kept in this new world of chaos and who will keep it?

Where are you going from here?

Enough questions that beat around the bush. There is only one primary question that needs answering first:


In this world, nothing exists to hold you back from whatever dreams and desires you might strive to accomplish. You can create kingdoms, you can fight for peace, or you can just live for living's sake. With no past, you are free to become whoever you want to be. You can try to find out about the past, or you can ignore it and look straight on to the future.

Just know that others will be doing the same, and whatever you are going to do, you will have enemies and rivals for it.

Some, if not all, willing to kill for whatever it is they want.

In this world, you are indeed free to take what you want. However, you cannot take it alone, and you have to be strong enough to hold it once you have it. Tell me. Are you strong? Can you cut from the bloody fabrics of chaos your own slice of heaven? if you can't, then you might want to find somebody to protect you, because here, there are no innocents and there are no bystanders. Everybody must survive by their own means.

On September twenty-third, on its final minute, the world was reset.

What now?

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Without Memory (Whim) (stats)
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