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 Ash 'Deathwing' Reaper

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PostSubject: Ash 'Deathwing' Reaper   Ash 'Deathwing' Reaper EmptySat Aug 25, 2012 7:12 pm

Character Name:Ash 'Deathwing' Reaper
Allegiance : citizen
Job: Assassin
Crew or Loner: loner
How you found us:randomly searching on the internet
Do you agree to the site rules?:of course
Sample RP :

I didn't chose to live like this, but I guess I can't chose what is at the end of my path

It was a sunny day, everybody gathered around the stage as the mayor of the town stepped on a podium placed in the middle of the stage, he started to speak.
The crowd cheered when the mayor finished, no one noticed the 21 year old boy with a sniper (they have that in one piece right) aimed at the marine captain waiting by the podium.

The boy had brown spiky hair, he wore a black shirt with a red jacket with a black line down each sleeve and red trousers with a lighting bolt on each leg,he had brown messy hair and one crystal purple eye and a red eye.
The boy waited until the marine stepped up on the podium and fired, the marine fell and the boy turned to leave.

''ASSASSIN!'' a marine yelled appearing in front of the boy and pointing at him
The boy pulled out two Katana's and stood in a fighting stance, the boy disappeared and appeared behind the marine and put a Katana through the marines neck.

He left the marine to be discovered by his comrades and headed home, his home was big and bright he sat on a chair to rest his legs, he look at a picture of a man who look like he had been burned too death and came back to life, he wore a blue top hat and blue suit.
Looking at the picture made the boy sad, he then looked at another picture next to the one he was looking at, a raven haired girl was in the picture, she wore a black shirt and purple jacket, the picture made the by feel angry and sad.
The boy walked to the bedroom and went to bed.

I never thought I would trust someone again, but you never know
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Ash 'Deathwing' Reaper
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