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 Weapons and Gear

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PostSubject: Weapons and Gear   Weapons and Gear EmptyFri Mar 30, 2012 2:46 pm

We are running on a fully custom system, currently. This is the best option to cover the most play styles.

You get your base item for free, but for the upgrades you will have to pay.

Weapons and Armor will be obtained through classes, quests, missions, or the customization system and upgraded. Points divided by ten for percentages. IE: 10 points becomes 1%

Some weapons and armor have slots in them. Here is a list of what can go in a slot.

  • Another Weapon/Not upgraded gear- 500 beri
  • Armor Plate- 1% added defence- 1.5k Beri- limit one per item.
  • Sharpened Edge- 200 points added piercing damage- 1k Beri
  • Weighted Stud- 200 points added crushing damage- 1k Beri
  • Ability Boost- 200 points added to ability damage- 1k Beri
  • Seastone Smelting- 200 more damage to devil fruit users- 1.5k Beri
  • Thickened Armor-- -200 Piercing Damage-- 1.5k Beri
  • Shielded Armor-- -200 Blunt damage-- 1.5k Beri
  • Elemental Shielding-- -200 Reduced Elemental Damage (must Specify element)-- 2k Beri
  • Elemental Binding-- +200 Added Elemental Damage (must Specify element)-- 2k Beri
  • Lightened Load-- Extra dodge in battle, only one per person-- 2k Beri
  • Medicated Grip-- Regain Health by 5,000 per turn-- 3k Beri
  • Poisoning Blades-- Drops opponent's health by 5,000 per turn-- 3k Beri

Tier 1-- 3 Slots-- any level
Tier 2-- 5 Slots-- fully upgraded t1, 2k Beri
Tier 3-- 7 Slots-- fully upgraded t2, 2k Beri
Tier 4-- 8 Slots-- fully upgraded t3, 2k Beri
Tier 5-- 10 Slots-- fully upgraded t4, 2k Beri

Equipment pieces can be used/made for...
Accessory 1
Accessory 2

For the sake of keeping things uniform on the site, we will be using this format for our weapons and gear.

Item Name - Item Slot
Def- 0%
DB- 0
AB/SB- 0

For Reference, here is what the abbreviations mean-
DB- Damage boost
AB- Ability Boost
SB- Skill Boost
Def- Defense
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Weapons and Gear
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