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 Yay new forum!

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PostSubject: Yay new forum!   Sun Mar 25, 2012 8:06 pm

Ah, that new forum smell <3

I'll be working on things as often as possible.
This place will be open before you know it.

No idea when we will open, but this is what needs to be done first.

Pre Open To Do List

  • Titles- can wait til after open
  • change those creepy smiles Evil or Very Mad - can wait til after open
  • Recovery and battle items (created and bought)- this will be an ongoing project.
  • Post Shop
  • Haki elaboration- Needs Guru to look it over.
  • Switch abilities over to an exp spend system- Also needs Guru to look it over.
  • Skill system & job system & components/recipes- Must add numbers!
  • About Updating- yay almost done
  • crews & crew skills
  • loner vs crew (partnering)
  • General Stats
  • Devil's Fruits
  • Ships
  • allegiances
  • locations
  • weapons and gear
  • Backstreet Market
  • Gains and random drops
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Yay new forum!
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