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 Bleach Clash

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Bleach C

PostSubject: Bleach Clash   Mon Jul 02, 2012 2:26 pm

Evil done in the name of good is still evil...

What more can you do, however, when faced with such unnerving odds? Do you roll over and accept defeat like a slave beaten by his master? Or do you say "to hell with this!" and break some rules to combat to rising forces of darkness?!...It's your call. Regardless of your choice, trouble is knocking at your door. When an old project of the Shinigami comes back to life, what will you do? When the creations the Shinigami thought they had dismissed abd destroyed reveals itself, what will you do? Will you roll over and stand tall? Do evil in the name of good, or will you stick to your morals?

Will you shrink away?

+Friendly and active staff members to assist you with whatever you may need.
+A plot that changes with the course of PLAYER choices, not something only the admins can create.
+A site where staff is constantly monitoring the higher ranking positions to make sure the people who have them are actually ACTIVE and not hogging up the goods.
+Acceptance of all RP skills from beginners to old timers. All are welcome.

Come stop by....

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Bleach Clash
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