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  The Stats

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How The Numbers Work

Let's say you have 1k exp (experience). This is the base for everything.
Your HP (hitpoints) is five times your exp. So 1000 x 5 = 5000, add that to the starting HP of 50,000 and you get

HP: 50,000 + 5,000 = 55,000

Next, we figure your attack and skill. This takes your exp and divides it by 10. This means 1000/10 = 100, don't forget to add the starting stats (1k each) to them, so you have:

Skill: 1,000 + 100 = 1,100
Attack: 1,000 + 100 = 1,100

Skills are ranked in a way that we can easily tell powerful skills from not so powerful skills. The first tier of skills do 2 times the damage of your skill attack. Skill x 2 = Damage
Take your tier 1 basic skill, for example. Without any bonus, we would figure the attack like so...

Gomu Gomu no Pistol
T1- 2
1,100 x 2 = 2,200 damage

Say you would rather do a physical attack. You would just take your attack power and add in whatever bonus you have for it.

Physical Attack

Now we come to the fun part, blocking. Thankfully, we have a nice little dice roller on the forum to make it easy for us. Block starts at 5%, making it kinda hard to get in a good block as we roll a 100 sided die to determine the number. If we make a roll less than 5, we block the hit. Remember: It takes as many AP to block a move as it takes your opponent to perform it.

Block Attempt- 5%

See, it's all super simple and I'm sure everyone will be pulling in some nice stats in no time. Feel free to ask any questions you may have in the questions and answers forum as well as in chat box.

AP stands for Action Points, these determine how many actions you can do in a post, may it be attacking, defending, dodging, using an item, swapping equipment and so on.

Starter Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 50,000
Attack: 1,000
SP: 1,000
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Your exp measures your strength. As a pirate or revolutionary, it will measure your bounty. As a Marine it will measure how many people you passed to reach your rank.
Marine rank titles are to be canon. If you are an oc you have to go through a chain of quests to obtain a title as well as have the exp required.

***Lifetime exp is just a way for you to show the work you have put into your character. When you spend exp, you stats go down.
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The Stats
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