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 The Angelverse RP - Angel/Buffy/Supernnatural

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PostSubject: The Angelverse RP - Angel/Buffy/Supernnatural   Sun May 27, 2012 11:19 am

An AU Angel/Buffy/Supernatural RP

[color:afe0=008080]angel [color:afe0=08787D]• [color:afe0=11717A]verse [color:afe0=1A6977]• [color:afe0=226274]angel [color:afe0=2B5B71]• [color:afe0=34536E]verse [color:afe0=3C4C6B]• [color:afe0=454568]angel [color:afe0=4E3D65]• [color:afe0=563662]verse [color:afe0=5F2E5F]• [color:afe0=68275C]angel [color:afe0=702059]• [color:afe0=791856]verse [color:afe0=821153]• [color:afe0=8B0A50]angel

The battle of Good vs Evil, Heaven vs Hell
seems like a never ending struggle. Two
cities seem to be on the edge of this war
at all times; Sunnydale and Los Angeles.
Just as there are evil doers in the world,
there will always be those ready to stop
them. There is just one question that needs
to be answered.

Which side are you on?
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The Angelverse RP - Angel/Buffy/Supernnatural
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