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 Your First Treasure

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PostSubject: Your First Treasure   Your First Treasure EmptyThu May 24, 2012 4:42 pm

Gyo knocked back the rum. Alcohol was his new favorite thing, he wiped his mouth and burst into laughter, and instantly so did the whole bar. He was procrastinating any pirating by hanging out in a particular pub. The men there were all twice his age or more, either the loud retired pirates or the silent alcoholics. He had earned a ‘reputation’ as a bar fighting champion and spent most of his time getting drunk and breaking any ‘bone bag’ who challenged him.

“Scallywag! when er you gonna go on you ‘great journey’”

This caused great laughter, the kind only rum could fuel.

“I’ll go right now!”

Gyo stood up and walked out, only to come back in.

“I don’t know where I’m going!”

Everyone burst into laughter at Gyo’s humorous excuse, except the female bartender who just smiled.

“There’s a rumor going round that a load of jewels have been dug up on a small island south of here, maybe you could go there. Every pirate needs his first treasure.” She said.

“I’d like to find your jewels Mary!”

This caused another uproar of laughter until Mary, the bartender, threw the dirty drying towel at the red-faced man. Everyone paused and then cracked up so much, a few drinkers fell from their stools. The man who had teased Gyo looked up from his drink only to notice that Gyo had vanished. He grinned a grin, and knocked back the rum.

Gyo hoped into his boat, causing quite a splash, and then collapsed on to the plank of wood he had sat so many times. His oars had started to splinter and his boat looked like it was about to snap. He presumed he wasn’t going to get a lot of distance out of this thing. He sighed and started to row.

He was sweating heavily as he reached the island. Which appeared to be a rocky hill covered in sand, poking above the ground. he climbed the pathetic hill, it was practically a sand dune. Gyo thought he had got lost and found a random island, but when he reached the top he saw how wrong he was.

What the ‘island’ was, was a huge hole in the ground opening up into a huge mine, filled with treasure hunters. Gyo jumped down, the clap he made when hitting the floor grabbed the attention of the nearby treasure hunters for a second, then they went back to digging. Gyo was surprised how little they cared about his arrival, he was also a little disappointed.
It seemed that this was the remains of an island that had been completely destroyed by these diggers in search of treasure, the dunes where he had entered from was the only thing stopping this place from flooding.

Outside a ship anchored, the strangest looking man looked over the side of his boat. He had found his treasure.

Gyo realized that searching for treasure at this point was completely useless and decided to find a way back up. He span on his heel and walked hastily. Suddenly a brown shape fell from the hole at the top of the mine. It landed in front of Gyo. It grabbed and threw him into the side of the cave. The shape had thrown with such velocity that Gyo himself was half in the wall and unconscious. It had also filled the mine with dust. All the miners snapped to attention, they held there pick axes tightly. As the dust cleared what was revealed to them was a pirate crew and their captain, the captain stood a foot taller then all his crew mates, his skin was scaled, his pupils stretched. He was, an alligator, an alligator standing on two legs, an alligator wearing an eyepatch. One man rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

“Get them” The alligator hissed in a deep tone.

His crew rushed after the miners and after a short wild goose chase around the mine. They had either killed or captured the gold diggers. The alligator surveyed the now captured and tied up miners.

“You may have recognized me as Menace, Captain of the Alligator pirate crew.” His voice sent a chill down the remaining survivors backs.

“Now you know who I am, and you’ve seen what I can do. I suggest you tell me where you reckon the treasure is.”

He sighed, then leaned down to an old looking man covered in dirt. He had a disgraceful beard that reached his chest and wore a tattered orange helmet with a flashlight taped on to it.

“Where. Is. The. Treasure?”
The reptile asked.

“A Treasure Hunter never gives up the location of his treasure, we are all men who have lost everything for the sense of adventure and achievement we find here. I would NEVER tell the likes of you!”

Menace’s tail whipped round and smashed the man in the face. He then roared in anger. Even some of his crew shook with fear.

“You bloody Croc”

everyone turned around, Gyo had awoken and was starting to climb out from the crater left in the wall.

“You weakling, I am no Crocodile.”

Menace paced over to where Gyo was standing. Without warning he swung his whole body around, expecting his claws to destroy the young man. Gyo was too rapid, He stopped the creatures palm with one fist.

“I am no weakling.”

Gyo span his hand, grabbing the monsters arm. he pulled him to the left of himself, and then threw his own free hand back


The metal gauntlets chipped at Menace’s scales. The Captain was thrown upwards, with sheer power, blowing the top of the mine open.

The miners squinted as, for some of them, this had been the first sunlight they had seen in days. As the crew were so distracted with their captain hurtling through the air, The bearded man managed to wriggle out of the poorly tied rope, he reached for his pocket knife and started cutting his another miner free.

The beast landed in a puddle of shallow water which had started to flow in to the mine. He got up and popped his neck, Gyo cracked his knuckles.

“Your screwed now, devil fruit users don’t stand a chance against water.”

Menace started to laugh.

“I am no Devil fruit user, boyyy” He hissed.

“so... your just an actual alligator?”

“Yes, and witthhhh this water coming in, your the one at a disadvantage”

Before Gyo could ask anything about the strangeness of this character, Menace came at him like a bullet. Gyo ducked, but Menace span his tail smashing into Gyo and sending him flying. Gyo managed to kick himself away from the wall, He swung a punch mid air, knocking the Captain into the, what had now risen to be, about a meters worth of water.

The water was raising rapidly and the pirates had swam back to their boat. The miners, who had now escaped, desperately tried to keep afloat.

Gyo took a huge gulp of air and dived back under water. Menace came at him like a torpedo. He had not opened his mouth but the teeth sticking out had sliced the edge of Gyo’s arm. Gyo tried turning around by frantically waving his arms, but he was not fast enough. Menace came at him again, and again and again. At this point Gyo was bleeding heavily and desperately needed some air. Menace hovered there for a second, he knew this would be the final blow, and then with all his might he boosted towards the boy. Gyo grabbed his fists and threw them down. It smacked the Alligator in the head hard. The crack of the skull was muffled by the flowing water. Gyo swam up and gasped for air.

Meanwhile the treasure hunters has decided to risk their lives. The ship was the only way out of here and they needed it before the captain returned. They took the pirates on with pickaxes and spades. In the mist of battle the boat tilted; something heavy was climbing the side. Gyo grasped the wooden deck and lifted himself, in one hand he held the tail of the 7ft ‘Menace’.

“Take him, and leave

The pirates paused for a second before one shouted,

They all jumped into a tiny row boat, a few brave pirates took their captain from Gyo. The miners laughed a good laugh as the men who had just tried to kill them sailed into the distance all trying to fit into a very small boat.

Gyo looked at the bearded man, Gyo smiled at his look of gratitude. The bearded man said nothing, yet silence was needed. He knew the young man understood how he felt.

“Just for the record, the name’s Gyo.”

Gyo was really hoping for a bounty, it was a great badge of honor for a pirate, and he felt he just needed to let these men know so they can spread the word. He noticed a wanted poster on the mist of the ship.


He smiled to himself and then jumped in his row boat, he reckoned he could get one last journey out of this thing.

WC: 1538

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PostSubject: Re: Your First Treasure   Your First Treasure EmptyThu May 24, 2012 4:43 pm

Roll Post.
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PostSubject: Re: Your First Treasure   Your First Treasure EmptyThu May 24, 2012 4:43 pm

The member 'Gyo' has done the following action : Dice roll

'Random Drops' : 1
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PostSubject: Re: Your First Treasure   Your First Treasure EmptyThu May 24, 2012 5:36 pm

You have obtained a random recipe!

Cook: Birthday Dinner- Once per battle, everyone recovers 6% health (one of each component)
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Your First Treasure
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