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 Aerona Featherbeat

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PostSubject: Aerona Featherbeat   Aerona Featherbeat EmptyThu May 24, 2012 3:48 pm

Character Name: Aerona Featherbeat
Allegiance : Citizan
Job: Bar Wench Waitress
Crew or Loner: Crew
How you found us: Nico-chan
Do you agree to the site rules?: Always.
Sample RP :

There are times when I realize -- though I am surrounded by people, I am still...always alone.

The pub was always a rough and tough place. No matter what time, day or night. This saloon had been constantly full of ravaging patrons, all of which, loud and obnoxious and very little women attended such. But here she was. A pitiful young lady, trying her best to make ends meet. She never once complained; not aloud. She was always smiles and kind gestures, and always inviting to the unruly bar-goes. She knew the job she acquired was not in best taste for a woman of her age, rather the personality of being innocent and charming, always nodding and agreeing -- for the most part.


A roar of satisfaction sounded throughout the pub with seldom modesty. Pirates. 'They cared not for anything, so long as they did what they wanted, whenever they wanted, so long as it benefited them.' The words of the bar-owner echoed within her conscience, but she knew better than to label every single pirate-- no, person. Perhaps they do the things they do, because they are lonely as well. She was naive, but always sought out the better of people. Always hoping that maybe the pirates that come here could maybe one day find a better way of dealing with their problems.

This was not the case. She was no one important. She was a waitress. A bar-wench. Pitiful, pathetic, always bringing the ale whenever they desired. She did so without question. Smile. She smiled, presenting the platter adorned with hardy mugs of fresh beer.

"As your wish, I come beckon with our saloon's finest ale...!" Smile.

Not one laid their hand on her. Something was different. She was untouchable by an unseen force. Her purity was the spotless white stone over a hill of coal. Out of place, but still, untouchable. The pirates she had presented ale to was speechless, mouths agape, but not with shock. They had been memorized by a creature that did not inhabit the great blue seas. One pirate gave a toothy grin, lacking in dental hygiene no less. Despite this, she was always earnest, always sincere.

"I see your smile is as genuine as ever, Smot~" she rang softly.

He giggled like a child as the leader of the bunch leaned towards the airy waitress. A man old enough to be her grandfather, yet built like a tough old ox. Tattoos covering his arms, scars along his bearded features, and yet the young lady had shown no fear.

"Aerona," the old man bellowed, "Why you gota ruffle his feathers like a fox-- You know very well he only has one of 'dem tooths left,"

The pirate crewed whoop'ed in amusement, a member or two elbowing their mate, Smot, a few goods time in humor. Aerona smiled again, taking the attention of the men before her. She giggled softly to the aging man, "You know very well, Captain, that I am incapable of discourtesy."

"D'aw-- Dat you are, 'dove!" He responded with a hearty chuckle, soon slamming his fists against the wooden tabletop. "LET US DRINK 'TIL MORNIN' THE LOT OF YA."

More cheers came after. More smiling.
And yet, she was still lonely.
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Nico Robin
Nico Robin

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PostSubject: Re: Aerona Featherbeat   Aerona Featherbeat EmptyThu May 24, 2012 4:20 pm

Welcome to Shores of Destiny!

Our goal here is to offer as many customization options as possible while providing a fun, gaming-esque atmosphere. If you need anything please feel free to contact a staff member.

Please make sure to read the following threads as they will help you on your adventure!

We don't require anything special to get started after you are accepted, just jump right in and write.
You don't have to write out anything to travel from place to place, though we do encourage it.

As a new member on the site, you get a few items to start out...
Unforged Weapon- To forge this weapon, take a look at THIS THREAD. This will make a tier 1 weapon with nothing particularly special about it.
Boat- single person, 3 attacks, 2 slots. For more information on ships go HERE.
One Free Custom Skill- As soon as you join, you get one free custom skill request. It must be T1.

Starting Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 1000
Attack: 200
SP: 200
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Read more about Stats HERE
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Aerona Featherbeat
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