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 Gotham Noir

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PostSubject: Gotham Noir   Thu May 24, 2012 2:53 am


Gotham Noir [/align]

It’s been five years since the Batman was declared Gotham public enemy number one. Despite his fall from grace, there have been those who were inspired, those who saw or simply chose to believe that he was not the villain he was portrayed to be. Now, more and more crime fighters like him are rising to the occasion and joining the struggle to save the city. But corruption is still rife in Gotham; crooked cops and politicians are joined by the new breed of supervillains standing in the way of justice. Will you join Batman in his mission or help tear Gotham apart?

Gotham Noir is an advanced, play-by-post forum RPG. We accept all canon characters, heroes or villains, from the Batman franchise and the greater DC Universe that can be revamped to fit the mold of Noir.


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Gotham Noir
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