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 Getting Them Elected [wip]

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Getting Them Elected [wip] Empty
PostSubject: Getting Them Elected [wip]   Getting Them Elected [wip] EmptyMon May 21, 2012 8:18 pm

It's been around a week since Enel was struck with his amnesia and around a week since he found himself spending all his free time at this random bar at the middle of the more civilized area of this island. This random place, unknown to him, welcomed him despite his rather different attitude and perhaps greed was what started this whole campaign, but the god managed to somehow befriend the bar owner and a few of customers after refusing at start to actually let any kind of conversation to develop. By now he was grateful enough for the service that he even protected his new territory from invaders, guaranteeing protection to every other pirate, criminal or plain commoner wishing to get some relief and drinks in this shady place. This whole campaign was also starting thanks to Enel's competetive spirit, wishing to beat anybody who would mock his divine existence in quite the severe way.

This crazy idea started out as another simple day at Guan Ga Bar, with Enel just finishing his fourth ordered special drink consisting of the finest liquor mixed with apple juice. It was delightful, truly a work of a beverage artist. Once the glass hit the wooden shelf again, Enel showed a small grin while staring directly at the bartender, Guan, for reason soon to be explained. In the background, the creaking noises of the old wooden chairs and the sounds of metal hitting glass and the latter hitting wood, all overpowered by the voices of the customers. Guan managed to notice the white man's unjustified stare and took it as the god was drunk for the first time since getting there, which truly is an accomplishment for a humble servant such as himself, but it wasn't everything. Maybe he felt a little light headed, but he wasn't entirely drunk, not nearly as the loud voices in the background.

"You know Guan." He suddenly exclaimed, "You've been running this place for enough time now, and I believe you make enough fortune as you are, but I can't help but wonder, where does all of it go?" There were almost no casualties at this place despite it's shady figure, and there were no guards outside or inside to make sure peace is maintained inside, so protection was not precisely the correct answer. This shady place looked like a rotten, deserted ghost pub that for some reason is still in work, and has all its glasses, plates and bottles polished to look at their best while the floor and walls if needed were washed daily. Still, the holes in the floor and the loose screws were enough proof the funds don't go to this bar either. Enel had already payed a visit to Guan's home and from the looks of its small space and inexpensive furniture, the money wasn't spent on his own house either. If that was the case, what exactly did this old bartender use his cash on?

Guan did not stress out as the question was released. In fact, there was not a single time since Enel arrived that included this bartender being in stress from anything, which is pretty odd considering his own bar is filled with normally stressing shady characters. He always kept his cool and that funny wide smile on his face, serving his customers and at times deciding to directly interact with those sitting at the bar itself. There is also the theory Guan was in fact stressed, but he never expressed this side and there was nobody that knew him that has seen that part so it might be safer to assume Guan just doesn't get stressed. Nevertheless, it was the same answer given this time by the middle-aged one like it always was, said in a carefree tone and while bothering something else at the same time: "Isn't it obvious? On the bar of course! Where do you think we get your orders from? Obviously thanks to your efforts!" Right now, after the regular answer was given, Enel's mind leaned more on the possibility Guan most likely have no money at his possession.
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Getting Them Elected [wip]
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