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 Memento Mori

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PostSubject: Memento Mori    Mon May 21, 2012 10:59 am

Memento Mori


The Story:

Team Rocket has finally taken over. They are too strong to be overthrown, and they have such a stronghold in every area of Panem it is impossible to even think of trying to rebel. They have brought all of the Districts into poverty. Families are barely able to survive. It is not uncommon to see people starved to death.

Team Rocket, after a rebellion and feeling like starving and killing people and pokemon wasn't enough, devised a competition like no other so as to strike fear into the citizens hearts. The Memento Mori. A horrible game where two citizen Tributes from each district, one male and one female, are chosen randomly from their home to go compete. The Tributes train for 1 week, are paraded and evaluated, and then compete. This competition sounds simple enough, but it isn't in the slightest. They have to use Pokemon to kill each other. If their only true ally dies in battle they die soon after. In this arena they have not only other tributes to worry about but, vicious pokemon trained by the Game Makers, 'Natural' Disasters set to encourage a better game, and rouge pokemon with no trainer left.

The only pokemon that could have stopped Team Rocket were all but wiped to extinction. The legendaries. May hap one or two still live but every sighting brings Team Rocket to destroy the habitat that might have supported the legendary. Very few pokemon will come near humans as a result and so most tributes are forced to use a pokemon Team Rocket had used to destroy the other habits.

How You Fit In:

You are a citizen, ranging from the ages of 12 to 68, living in one of the 12 districts. It is the 67th Hunger Games and the tension is high. You and your family, if you have one, stay close together because you might be leaving ,and they might not see you again. Everywhere you go you see children in the nicest clothes they own, huddled with their families crying, and saying goodbye. The whole region gathers in the town area and watches other reapings, but mainly waiting for theirs.

You decide whether you are poor or rich, whether you are hungry or if you use the black market to survive. Maybe you hunt. Maybe you have a Pokemon or a family that you have to leave behind. Maybe you are an orphan. What do you do in the Games? Do you start a rebellion? Do you team up with someone? All you have to know is, are you going to survive?

Will you stand up to fight? Or submit?:

You all have the choice to be a bigger person and in the games stand up for what you think is right. Team rocket does have faults, but you just have to find them and use them to your advantage. You can team up with other tributes and make a huge plan to take down Team Rocket, or you could put into action a stealthy solo mission. Or, just don't stand up to them at all. Kill everyone else until you win The possibilities are endless, the consequences eternal.
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Memento Mori
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