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 Loser Penalty and Ranks

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Nico Robin
Nico Robin

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PostSubject: Loser Penalty and Ranks   Mon May 21, 2012 12:38 am

Two new systems, two news systems,
Two new systems hey hey hey hey.

There are now solid penalties to losing a fight! The loser penalty system (more like loser incentive system) is now up in the Fighting with Stats thread.

I believe this will give people who lose an edge as far as exp, and getting stronger, is concerned, while restricting them in a fair way. Why are you reading about it here? go look at the thread and then come back to read the rest of the news :P

Now that you're back, the rank system is now fully public. We added more ranks so that it takes a bit longer to reach the top. To view the current ranks and titles available check out the Ranks and Titles thread.

This should keep things interesting as far as making it a bit more challenging to get to the top. We might change some of the higher rank requirements and we might add more to the lower ranks.

If you spot any typos or inconsistencies with either of these new systems, please inform me as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to send me messages on the site or to post a thread in the questions and answers section.

EDIT: Also added something to the end of The Stats thread. It's an important clarification about the system you definitely need to note.
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Loser Penalty and Ranks
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