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 Looking For Trouble

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PostSubject: Looking For Trouble   Looking For Trouble EmptySun May 20, 2012 6:41 pm

It appears the white man has become a resident in this poor place. This bar in the unknown East Blue island, Guan Go Bar, seems to serve this rich man quite well, and all because he had given them a golden piece when he first entered. It looks like things are looking up, as the bartender loves him despite never actually conversing with him and nobody dares to go near him if they don't have a killing intent, which is just perfect as Enel could use some little training before he figures out who exactly is he and what business does he have with this weird place. As of now though, only drinks is the thing he's doing, and in that much solitary enough to have the only words leaving his mouth being perhaps in an arrogant way, but in a bored voice, saying "Another glass". Even this guy had some sense of honor towards such a well-serving place, and with his might he said he could repay all his debts to this bartender whose name is unknown to the 'god', by protecting the place from any weird figures that are to arrive. After all, a suspicious bar like this with no bandits or pirates? Please, even in the most deep fairy tales such things don't exist.

And looky here. It was dead on, Guan Go Bar was originally a bar owned by pirates. It was simply inherited by this weird, balding old man and the habit of hosting bandits and pirates that oddly pay fairly justs tuck on to the next generation, and would probably keep on to the generation following. It's funny, really, seeing such a fancy looking man such as himself in a shady place like this, actually declaring it to be his hangout area for the time being, as after all - he has no ship to get away and there is still a lot to investigate about this island, as the only place he's ever been to is the small part of the shore and Guan Go Bar. It really is frustrating to think about it from his point of view, waking up one day with no memory or record of anything that happened to him while already being an adult man, having no memory and counting on the intelligence of others, on the intelligence of these goons to make a living. Really a pain, but once in a while comes a guy or two that just want to have some 'fun'. Go figure.

"Gyahahaha!!! This haul really is the best, brother!!"

The loud voice of someone was nearing the bar, coming ever closer and quickly drawing the attention of everyone inside, including Enel. He thought to himself who would that be, as never had he encountered that voice before, and he was not familiar with anybody in this bar with that tone or way of speech. Unless this guy was really hanging out with his brother, there was no reason to call anyone near him brother. 'An-chan' while at it too, it's not even close to the idea 'Aniki' used by most shady goons towards people they have respect for. This person was either drunk or bad news. But he wasn't the only hit approaching.

"Bwahahaha!!! I know, who would have thought we can get that thing in this stinkin' island, brother!!"

Now things have began getting a little weirder. This voice was definitely of a child, unlike the deep, rowdy voice heard previously and judging by the slowly increasing volume of the already loud noise, they were getting even closer. A little too close, actually, enough to make some people inside worried so they would stop talking and just star at the doors of this darkened space, awaiting the next hit's arrival. Of course, there were the ignorant and the foolish who just kept on with their own business, Enel being one of them, taking yet another sip from the orange liquor in his transparent, square glass. His eyes moved though towards the exit's direction, to perhaps catch a glimpse of whoever is going to come in. He took a little interest, that was certain. But it wasn't enough to make him really stop his enjoyable drinking habit.

This odd voice was that of a child's, and judging by the sentence this person has just brushed off, it is safe to assume he was either related to the voice that marched in before or they're both really old fashioned. He apparently knows this island well, or just got tired of it from visiting once or twice for a short period of time and from the looks of it, this is either just a way of speech or this guy had seen enough of this small island already. His laugh was somehow similar to the other voice's laugh, so it could be said the two are related in blood after all, but that assumption cannot be made just yet until they're seen, asked and confirmed. But the most interesting part of the sentence was following the other one's statement: these two punks found something of high value somewhere on this island and are most likely going to show it here, unless they're really bold and simple-minded as to think everyone inside Guan Go didn't hear them.

As for Enel, once he figured they're most likely carrying some valuable item, his interest jumped up immediately and he finished his drink to prepare for some contact with these two, acting as the bar's guardian for the sake of getting some information. If these two guys know anything about this island they will have to spill the beans for Enel's sake, as you have got to get tired of your home once you get too used to it, and he's been there for three days already. Three full days of free service thanks to a golden crown. Three icky days of hanging in this stench of alcohol followed by the smell of sweat, gas and blood. Such was the smell of pirates, and just by those guys getting close Enel could already classify them as criminals, as their smell was not so good either.

The doors were slammed open, with two brothers - one short like a child and one apparently at least twice a regular man's size - standing at the door, each with their hand on a different side of the wall. Enel could tell their heights from the reflections of light on the liquor sets in-front of him, the shadow of the large one enveloping the ledges while the small one could barely reach Enel's chair. They were both standing one next to the other though, which was more than enough hint to tell which was which. At their entrance, Guan Go Bar was silenced, most likely at the size of the brother.

"We have found this island's legendary treasure, Bwahahaha!! If you want us to spare your lives, give us all your money right now!!"

Quite rude.

"That's right, Gwahahaha!! We'll be stealing all your stuff now, including the drinks!! Gwahaha!!"

Very rude.

"What are you waiting for!? We said give us all your stuff now!! Bwaha!!"

Annoyingly rude!

"Could you get any more blunt!?"

Enel suddenly shouted in anger, following only three of those guys' sentences. He turned around to see them, looking at the small guy and the much larger guy. The small child-looking fellow had the 'Gwaha' laugh and was covered in weapons and armors, needles everywhere, he was the perfect defense but that much iron all over his body must be quite heavy, especially for a small-sized person like himself. How he moved so easily in it must point out that he's physically much stronger than most people. As for the larger person with the 'Bwaha' laugh, the higher pitch tone, he was handling two large clubs in each hand and his skin was dark. He was bold but had a weird mustache growing up, and a scar across his ridiculously long chin. He wore a green tight shirt showing his muscle-filled upper body and white polka-dotted trunks, following with black shoes. So they were practically a pair that fights together, that's presumable, but if they really found a haul and were aiming to threaten the whole bar, where exactly is their haul?

"... Haa?"

Enel looked at those two with a calm expression, as opposed to his sudden burst of anger. He was as laid back as possible, his arms laying on the bar and his staff leaning on the wall near. His legs widely open and his body loosened up, he stared at the pair of two who were now more pissed off than a bull witnessing a flapping flag. He collected himself and continued, speaking to them with that same cocky smile he has.

"You'll have to forgive me. Your voices sounded like flies to me and I could not bare with the noise without moving o drastic measures." He began, taunting the pair. That was just like him to do that. "But as fun as it is, you guys seem to be marching into a bar of punks unarmed. Are you guys really asking that much for trouble here? Because I can arrange something if you're really that desperate." And that was the final strike that caused the rumble to begin in Guan Go Bar. The haul brothers could not really get angrier than they were just now, being mocked so easily by a random man who looks at them with such ease, no stress shown and no signs of being threatened. That was just totally unfair, how could they be made fun of so easily? This man had got to pay.

"You!! You Bastard!! Take that back right now or- Bwargh!!"

Enel was obviously losing his patience. He didn't want to hear this person talking anymore, and while the shorter man was in mid-sentence he already moved from his chair after catching his staff, striking him in the head and sending him flying away. Obviously the next target was the man twice his own size, but doubtfully that was going to be easy to knock away. He is, after all, twice Enel's size.

"You Bit- Gwaargh!!"

But alas, a single swing from the Bo staff with its full length and a full force power packed behind his arms were enough to send even the larger guy flying away from the bar doors, much to everyone's surprise. Their mouths opened and a shout of surprise out of their mouths, eyes widening and almost leaving their eye holes and minds relatively 'blown'. Strange. Enel was supposed to be under some Amnesia, but his body's strength was preserved from the earlier encounters before losing his memory and as it looks right now, his body also memorized his fighting style and ability to attack, as well as speed and endurance. He didn't 'remember' how to fight, he just acted on 'instinct' once picking up his Bo and rushing at the pair.

"... Strange. It feels familiar. Like I have been doing this before."

He said quietly, talking to himself as his gaze moved to his staff. He was caught off guard though, and the little guy rushed through smashing into his stomach, then beginning to spin - creating a severe cut in the stomach and some blunt damage but that was not the end of it, as the 'smaller' brother appeared as well, punching Enel in the face and sending him out at the bar, breaking it. The Bwaha brother's helmet was shattered and the Gwaha brother's shirt was ripped from God's last assault, but they could still stand up. Remarkable.

"Who do you think you are, punk!? I'm gonna rip you into shreds, you hear!!?"

"Who do you think you are, punk!? I'm gonna punch a hole in you, you hear!!?"

They were awfully synchronized yet out of sync at the same time. Slowly standing up, Enel picked in his ear with his pinky, looking at the pair as if nothing happened, much as if he's intimidating them - and it worked quite well, as they took a step back after catching god's gaze head on. A moment later, Enel was rushing around them, hitting them many times with his Bo staff, finishing them off with a slam to the stomach - each respectively, sending them both flying away and coming after them to bring the final message. They were right now, a bloody mess, even if they tried their best to bring down the bar.

"Listen. It is not your fault that you have encountered me. It is just, I am superior and you are inferior." He said, catching the larger one from the shirt to make him listen better, closing his face with his. "As a lord, I am to protect my territory. Two bugs infiltrating are not to be taken seriously, much less hit. You should be thankful to have taken my Kashmal Dance, as that is my gift to you." His face was dead serious. He meant every word of it, even if he was not aware why is he saying this. Glaring at the little one, he picked him up with his hand, staring into the shattered helmet which now showed the brother's pure-white skin and blue eyes. This was a cold stare, a warning. "Never set foot in my territory again." He said with a cold stare, frightening the pair once again before throwing whatever in his hands away and returning to the bar.

He sat on the same seat, ignoring the reactions of everyone around him. The deed has been done, he protected the bar as promised and is now going to get even more free service as a result.

"Another glass, if you may."

WC: 2,264.
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PostSubject: Re: Looking For Trouble   Looking For Trouble EmptySun May 20, 2012 6:46 pm

Enel carried out 1 launched of one Random Drops (Image not informed.) :
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PostSubject: Re: Looking For Trouble   Looking For Trouble EmptySun May 20, 2012 8:48 pm

Congratulations! You have received a random rank 2 crafting material.

Cook- Fruit/Vegetable/Grain

Since you can not use this item, at least not yet, you are welcome to sell it on the market. (this counts as one single item)
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PostSubject: Re: Looking For Trouble   Looking For Trouble Empty

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Looking For Trouble
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