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 God Enel (Done)

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God Enel (Done) Empty
PostSubject: God Enel (Done)   God Enel (Done) EmptySun May 20, 2012 2:50 am

Character Name: Enel.
Allegiance: Citizen.
Job: God Captain.
Crew or Loner: Soon-to-be Crew. Currently Loner.
How you found us: FTRPG. I'm Jan Ren there.
Do you agree to the site rules?: Yes.
Sample RP:

It surely has been a long battle and at least a day has passed since. Perhaps, this was the longest battle he can recall, and the first in ever so long that he had actually lost. Alas, though, as he was not cooked and done just yet, because he was so much better than everyone else. Heck, he wasn't even supposed to be included in the phrase 'everyone else'! After all, there is not a single person in the entire universe that can really surpass him, right? Even that darned straw hat boy was not nearing his divine superiority and never will be close to that.

The battle was short lived for an entire island's civil war, you could say, but as opposed to god's words it has lasted around six or five hours, that doesn't matter much. The entire country's wipeout resulted in almost no death events, which is simply the opposite of what the lord had wished for even if it does seem a little cruel, but such is life when you try to threaten those above you. But that annoying boy with the straw hat, the boy of rubber stepped forth to oppose him. And succeeded. But it was not enough, puny attacks like those can never make the god of the lands bow down. That, would be the greatest sin of all.


He was now alone. The white man in the sky island, solely on his own ship of wood and gold. The ship that can fly, the ship built by the hands of the selected heroes of Skypiea, those selected to do the work of the gods. The Flying Arc Maxim, which uses electricity as its power source. Perhaps some foolish humans thought it was gone for good, but the arc was still running - and who would be responsible for that other than god, Enel himself. Insanely laughing, he kept fueling the ship with his special body of thunder as he sat on his throne with all the preparations needed made for this journey, awaiting the ship to reach it's final destination: the land of eternal Vearth. It's weird though, he could not actually feel himself sitting on his throne neither could he feel the power surging through his body. In fact, it all seemed too good to be true, especially now that while the Straw Hat Pirates were still scanning the island in search of a way out.

"Now, let us march forward, Maxim!!" He has declared proudly, his eyes set on nothing but the large sphere in the skies. "Onwards to Fairy Vearth!!" Unaware of the consequences, the god had marched towards the moon, as known in surface language. That was the land of eternal earth, though, there was nothing to do against that. Of course, the island was still inhabited by aliens, no less, and Enel had to deal wtih-

But soon he had found himself waking up on the floors of an unknown island, with the remnants of his ship scattered everywhere around him. This was most definitely not Skypiea. Slowly getting up with a painful expression on his face, he held his head with his hand before receiving the slight shock that started this crazy journey.

"What-... Where am I now...?"

To Be Continued.
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Nico Robin
Nico Robin

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God Enel (Done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: God Enel (Done)   God Enel (Done) EmptySun May 20, 2012 3:46 pm

Welcome to Shores of Destiny!

Our goal here is to offer as many customization options as possible while providing a fun, gaming-esque atmosphere. If you need anything please feel free to contact a staff member.

Please make sure to read the following threads as they will help you on your adventure!

We don't require anything special to get started after you are accepted, just jump right in and write.
You don't have to write out anything to travel from place to place, though we do encourage it.

As a new member on the site, you get a few items to start out...
Unforged Weapon- To forge this weapon, take a look at THIS THREAD. This will make a tier 1 weapon with nothing particularly special about it.
Boat- single person, 3 attacks, 2 slots. For more information on ships go HERE.
One Free Custom Skill- As soon as you join, you get one free custom skill request. It must be T1.

Starting Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 1000
Attack: 200
SP: 200
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Read more about Stats HERE
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God Enel (Done)
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