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 Unearned Bounty

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PostSubject: Unearned Bounty   Unearned Bounty EmptySat May 19, 2012 9:19 pm

Gyo journeyed the streets of the unknown town, half hoping to find a place to drink, but mainly just enjoying his freedom. A smile spread across his face.

‘Gyo the Free-man’.

He thought this to himself, and kept repeating it in his mind. Soon he found a huge shop window, it appeared to be well polished and looked after. Gyo’s reflection looked back at him, ‘The Free-man’. Suddenly Gyo spotted his white cotton uniform underneath his jacket, he had completely forgot he was wearing it. He was reminded of The Academy, their rule over his life and how they had taken his only friend away from him. Almost instantly, in a street full of people, Gyo felt very lonely. His hand reached up and felt the silver anchor that was buried under his shirt. Looking up, his focused switched from the reflection to the shop itself, conveniently it happen to be selling clothes among other things. It was nothing fancy, Gyo suspected it might sell second hand clothes even. The grin that made him notorious at The Academy returned, he entered the shop.

An attractive young woman tended the shop, she was probably a year or so older then Gyo. She looked up from her magazine as Gyo entered her shop
“Hi”. Gyo simply smiled back at her.
“are you a tourist?” she asked.
“yeah, something like that” he replied while searching through a rack of shirts.
“are you a pirate?” she said, smiling innocently. She had grabbed his attention,
“how can you ask that so calmly?” He replied
She seemed slightly puzzled by Gyo’s response and continued to converse.
“Ask what?”
“If I am a pirate?”
“What’s wrong with pirates?”
“They are evil people, they harm innocent people for their own benefits”
“You sound like a marine, the world isn’t simply split into good people and pirates, a bad person could be a marine or a pirate, and a bad person could be either too. The only difference is that they are enemies.” Gyo paused, shocked. All his life he had been taught pirates were evil, the enemy. He then laughed at his own ignorance.
“I did not know that, tell me more about pirates.” The girl, whose name turned out to be Chase, explained to Gyo about the pirate world; Gold Roger, One Piece, The Grand Line, The Shichi-Bukai and the Yonko. Gyo had made his first friend of many outside the academy. Eventually she had to leave. She let Gyo have a shirt for free and then she closed her shop. He looked into the shop window again, this time wearing his red shirt, he turned down the collar of his coat and turned up the collar of his shirt. ‘Gyo the Free Pirate’.

Meanwhile a young adult wearing an expensive suit looked away from his binoculars. He sat down in his large armchair and sighed. Then he picked up his glass of wine, inspected it, and threw it on the ground. His butler came in startled by the sound of breaking glass.
“M-master, is everything alright?”
“Get me, my hunters”.

Hours later, the sun had turned from a beam of heat into a calm radiant of warmth. Gyo sat on the beach were he had arrived, hoping to see the sun set, but also thinking about his future. Pirate. It was complete freedom, Gyo’s dream. Pirates are also the sworn enemy of the marines, whom he hated most.
Suddenly Gyo heard a pistol cock behind him. Gyo rolled out the way hastily. A man stood behind him wearing a balaclava. He fired the pistol. Gyo glided to the side. CLACK, BANG. another shot, Gyo rolled in the opposite direction. Before he could cock it Gyo leapt forward and disarmed the assassin. Gyo held the gun up to the man and laughed, his face dropped as he realized he didn’t know how to work the gun. By then it was too late, the Masked man drew two daggers and lept on Gyo. Before he could land Gyo slipped underneath him. On landing the killer spun, slicing Gyo’s arm. Gyo cried out in pain. Gyo looked up, the man was looking down on him as he crouched. The killer had won. He raised his weapon, but before he could finish his target. He felt his wrist SNAP. The boy with the red hair held his wrist tightly, breaking it. He released his wrist. The killer dropped both knives. The boy rose, grabbed his neck and lifted him a foot above the ground. blood spilled over his knuckles.
“who sent you?” He told Gyo everything.

Gyo paced through the village, anger pushed his feet for him. He still had a slice through his left arm. He had just got his freedom and now someone was trying to take it away from him, and he knew where that person was.

It had turned night, and the moonlight was leaking through the expensive windows. A man in an deluxe suit sat next to the woman he admired.
“Chase, when will you accept my marriage proposal?”
“I’m flattered, really, it’s just-”
“Come on Chase-Chan, we wouldn’t want anything to happen to your little shop noowwwwa” Although Chase had been interrupted she was now speechless. The rich-man who was in love with her had proposed to her many times. He was the richest man in the town and controlled most of the economy. It wasn’t until tonight he had hinted at blackmailing her into accepting his marriage proposal. Chase scanned the hall, the party was boring. Rich people danced slowly and talked about politics and economics. She only attended The Wealthy man’s parties because he had such an influence on this island, she also knew he only threw them so he had a chance at asking her hand in marriage. Suddenly the door smashed down, flew for a bit and landed. The figure of a man stood there.
“You took the words out of my mouth” Gyo replied.“Are you the man who sent a bounty hunter after me?” He asked
“Oh so it’s you” The rich man smirked “yes, I sent a man after you to kill you. YOU WERE FLIRTING WITH MY CHASE-CHAN! I AM THE GREAT DAN-SAMA, AND YOU TRIED TAKING SOMETHING THAT IS MINE, YOU DESERVE TO DIE”.
Chase felt a sudden burst of courage.
“I AM NOT YOURS!” She shouted, despite all the events that had gone on prior, this was the most shocking thing the party-goers had witnessed this evening. No-one had stood up to Dan-sama before.
‘Dan-sama’ stood there, breathing with rage. Gyo stood there, his eyebrows creased with anger. Between them, only a banquet table.
“You take a hit on my life, try to stop my freedom, and I don’t think you’ve been very nice to my friend." He paused.
“Prepare to die”.
Gyo sprinted on to the table. He then leapt, raising one open hand in the air. His hand grapsed onto the aristocrats face. Using all his strength and his falling speed, Gyo plummeted the Dan’s face into the marble floor below him.


The sound echoed loudly. The marble floor cracked and the wooden table splintered. There was no way the large man survived that. Gyo’s palm poured with blood. He came here for revenge, but also to make sure no one would try and take his freedom away from him again. He had made a statement, he just needed to let people know who he was. So he figured the best way to do that was the easiest way. He looked at all the people staring at him and stated:
“I am Gyo, I am a Pirate!”
He then looked at Chase, who couldn’t hide her expression of joy.
“Chase, one day I will become a great pirate, and when that day comes I will come back here and thank you.” Gyo realized that the marines or even more hunters that worked for Dan would be here shortly. He quickly ran out of the mansion, hoping one day he would return. Although it had been a huge toll on his arms and hands, Gyo felt nothing short of epic. he grinned like an idiot.

Word Count: 1383
Beri: 692 + 200 = 892
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PostSubject: Re: Unearned Bounty   Unearned Bounty EmptySat May 19, 2012 9:57 pm

Roll Post
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PostSubject: Re: Unearned Bounty   Unearned Bounty EmptySat May 19, 2012 9:57 pm

The member 'Gyo' has done the following action : Dices roll

'Random Drops' : 4
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PostSubject: Re: Unearned Bounty   Unearned Bounty EmptySat May 19, 2012 10:17 pm

Congratulations! You have received a random rank 3 crafting material.

Archeologist- Shovel

Since you can not use this item, at least not yet, you are welcome to sell it on the market.
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PostSubject: Re: Unearned Bounty   Unearned Bounty Empty

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