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 Forming A Crew

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Nico Robin
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Forming A Crew Empty
PostSubject: Forming A Crew   Forming A Crew EmptyWed May 16, 2012 10:15 pm

How to Form a Crew
-Recruit a crew member- makes more sense of they are of the same allegiance.
-Name your crew- nothing racist or sexual please.
-Choose a symbol to identify your crew- again, nothing racist or sexual.
-Request a crew forum- use the form in the requests section.

Things to Remember
Do not post in a crew forum unless you are part of their crew or invited to do so. Recruitment threads will be an exception. It will be seen the same as spamming, otherwise. I might try to find a way to prevent this in the future.
If crew captains need a sticky or announcement made, let a staff member know.

Some advantages of being in a crew include...
-Captain only buffs for the captain class.
-You can keep a crew 'treasure chest' thread to keep up with the shared loot.
-Crew-captains are allowed to set their own standards to enter their crew.
-Crew only skills and buffs.
-Your own crew forum.
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Forming A Crew
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