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 Looking for Trouble

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PostSubject: Looking for Trouble   Wed May 16, 2012 7:45 pm

Dayn sighed as he reached the Marine base. It had been a surprisingly action packed, yet boring morning. Two drunks, then some large man with an attitude, and he did not even get to deal with the latter. But this was a good enough start, Dayn thought. There were more bounties and more mercenaries than he thought there would be at the jail house. This city was definitely not as quiet as he feared.

Dayn nodded at the young woman at the front desk as he walked further into the building. He stopped short as he realized she probably would be one of the better sources of information about how and where to make reports.

"Pardon me ma'am. Where exactly would I go to file a report?" Dayn asked professionally. He had never been very good with flirting, so he did not even bother trying to, even though she was pretty cute, in his opinion.

She turned to Dayn, lifting an eyebrow. "Aww. Did some big mean guy step on your shoes?" she asked in mock concern. Dayn rolled his eyes, sighing exasperatedly.

"They called me fat too." Dayn joked sarcastically, going along with what he hoped was her playful jesting. "But seriously, a couple drunks trashed some bar, and I threw them in jail until they sober up."

"Oh. You just want to show off your prowess then? Beating up a couple drunks. Really impressive." the woman said with a bored tone as she turned back to some papers on her desk. Dayn took a deep breath, letting it out slowly, calming himself from saying something he may end up regretting.

"Just tell me where to file a damn report." Dayn requested with an annoyed tone. He strongly disliked being mocked, and was already tired of this game.

The woman just started laughing. "You don't need to file such insignificant reports." she said between fits of laughter. She sighed loudly at the end of her fit, calming herself. "Go do something useful. Someone came by a moment ago saying that there were some troublemakers at the bar down the street from here." she replied, never looking back up from her papers.

Dayn shook his head. At the Marine Headquarters in the Grandline, everything was reported, even menial things which were not important. Dayn suspected it was to make sure a person was honest. He doubted it was simply to drill the habit into them, although that also seemed to be an effect of all the reports. But, it seemed things were very different here. It would take some getting used to, but Dayn had a feeling if he wanted to progress through the marines, he needed to get promoted and away from this island as fast as possible.

He shrugged as he stepped away, not saying anything further. He did not mind going to deal with trouble makers instead of some boring paper work. He exited the Marine building, turning left and walking up the street a little ways, until he arrived at the bar. It looked like a nice place, large and very expensive looking. It was probably the bar the richer or more sophisticated people in the town went to for a drink.

And Dayn was not disappointed as he entered the uptown bar. It was simple, but elegant almost beyond belief. The polished wood floors and stone tables shined. They had a large wall with many, many types of alcohol on display. It was definitely a high end place. There were 5 five men arguing at the far end of the bar. Or rather four men were intimidating one other, taking drinks off the display shelf and yelling at the man between gulps.

All five turned when Dayn entered the bar. The four grinned at Dayn, moving around the bar, heading toward Dayn. "Well, look what we have here boys. Finally, someone has come to play with us." one of them said as the group advanced, drawing knives from their belts. Dayn watched incredulously. Did no one respect Marines in this town? He had yet to meet a single person who did not look down upon the Marines. 'What kind of a show are they running around here?' Dayn thought briefly before turning his thoughts to the threat in front of him.

Dayn shook his head, looking down. He supposed there were always fools, no matter where you went. Weaklings. But someone had to show them how low they were on the food chain. Dayn pulled the clothe off his weapon of choice, which he always carried with him, a crescent bladed spear. It was nearly six feet long, just shorter than he was himself. Most might think it was merely a walking stick, and Dayn was content to let them think that. The average person got antsy when he carried it without having a cover on it.

It was four against one, but Dayn thought nothing of it at all. The difference in range and skill gave Dayn confidence this would be a one sided fight. They used weapons, granted they were only knives, but the intent was the important factor here, in Dayn's eyes. They wanted a fight that included death. Dayn would not disappoint them.

"First and last warning." Dayn, as a Marine, fighting civilians, felt he should give them a chance to throw down their weapons and ask for mercy. It would not look good if he just slaughtered people.. The four just laughed. Then, as one, they charged forward with a battle cry.

Dayn took a step back, out the door, taking the fight outside. Someone owned the place, and should be grateful for Dayn doing this. The first man burst through the door a split second later, charging recklessly at Dayn. He dove forward, attempting to stab Dayn in the chest. Almost like he was bored, Dayn sidestepped, allowing the man to crash past him, falling onto the stone street.

Dayn heard a scream, most likely from a woman, nearby, apparently startled by the weapons and fight that had just erupted in the middle of the street. He ignored it, watching the next two men coming at him. Bringing his weapon over his head, Dayn swung down vertically, splitting the two as they dodged to the sides. Dayn foot planted into the chest of the man on the left with a front kick, knocking him back and off his feet. The man that went right sought to take advantage of Dayn having his back turned, but only caught air as Dayn ducked under the slash of his knife. Turning quickly, Dayn drove forward with his spear, plunging into the man's torso.

The man froze with shock as Dayn stood, lifting the man from his feet. With a quick jerk, Dayn threw him to the side, making him knock into the fourth man who came up short at the sight of his buddy with a blade in his chest. Dayn made a mental note to remember to name that little trick.

Again, Dayn heard screaming from the onlookers. The smell of blood filled the air, and it dripped from his crescent bladed spear. Dayn looked stony faced, determination in his eyes, watching the three remaining troublemakers. "I warned you for a reason, idiots. Get up and came at me." Dayn said, menace heavy in his voice. He meant what he said. They've already had their last warning, in his eyes.

"You... You killed.." one of the men whispered meekly, trailing off.

"Does this look like a game to you? Don't complain. You came at me with weapons drawn. What did you expect?" Dayn remarked coldly. He could hardly believe they were so surprised to see their buddy lying there, lifeblood seeping out. They did not even give warning. He did not go after them. They had nothing to complain about. They brought it completely upon themselves, and Dayn did not pity them or feel remorse. "You have two options now. Option A, drop your knives, and accompany me to the jail, where you will be spending the next.. while. Option B, get up, came at me, and try to avenge your little friend there."

One of the men stood, hanging his head. Dayn lifted an eyebrow, but didn't speak as he watched the man. Dayn heard someone shout out his name, but at the same moment the man charged, demanding his attention. Dayn fell into a combat stance, keeping the other two men in his peripheral vision. The man had no chance. The range of the knife was nothing as compared to his own range. It would take a man much more skilled at him to make up for the difference. Dayn watched as if in slow motion as the man charged, hopelessly forward.

Dayn easily blocked his thrust with a swift slash of his spear, knocking the small blade to the side. Spinning his spear, Dayn swung the handle around, sweeping the feet out from other the man, causing him to trip. Dayn heard a step coming from behind and sidestepped, narrowly avoiding a devastating stab in the back, but he grimaced as he felt the blade slide along the flesh of his side.

Dayn leaped to the side, getting out of range of the small blade, then turning back to the assailant, bringing his weapon around. The man was off balance, expecting his knife to make contact, now trying to regain balance, but much too slowly. Dayn watched his blade travel through the air, as if in slow motion, and adjusted its path slightly to make it land exactly where he wanted. Blood sprayed as contact was made.

The man stumped and fell face first, the top part of his head missing. He was dead before he hit the ground, Dayn's blade had cleaved straight through his skull. Straightening, Dayn turned to the others, and even glanced briefly at the onlookers, all of which in both groups shared a look of horror.

"DAYN!" the voice called out his name again. Dayn looked and saw someone rushing forward. He recognized her right away as the Commander of the Marines on this island. Dayn sighed. He had a bad feeling about this.. Commander Nyda jogged straight up to him, looking incredulously at the two dead men laying nearby, and the other two, who looked utterly terrified.

"What the HELL is going on!?" The Commander demanded. She looked terribly infuriated, and a bit scary, Dayn had to admit.

"The secretary at the front desk told me how there were a group of guys causing trouble, and I came to deal with them." Dayn said casually, hoping this was not 'overboard'.

Suddenly, as if they just now realized they were in danger, the two remaining men got to their feet and bolted in opposite directions, shoving people in the crowd on their way out. Dayn took a step after one, but a menacing glare from the Commander kept him from taking another step. "Back..to..base. Now." Commander Nyda spoke through clenched teeth.

Dayn took a deep breath and turned to return to base. He was sure of it. He overdid it, and was probably gonna be in deep trouble for it.. He wondered briefly if she could kick him out of the Marines, but discounted the thought. When worse came to worst, they still attacked him, and he couldn't be punished for that. At the same time, he still did not think he was about to be congratulated for doing this. At least he had gotten rid of the trouble makers...

Word Count: 1929
Exp: 1929
Beri: 965 (+200)
OOC Notes: Not the same bar you are doing in the other thread. >.>

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Trouble   Wed May 16, 2012 7:48 pm

Chopper roll post
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Trouble   Wed May 16, 2012 7:48 pm

The member 'Dayn' has done the following action : Dices roll

'Random Drops' : 1
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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Trouble   Wed May 16, 2012 11:12 pm

You have obtained a random recipe!

Cook: Romantic Dinner for Two- Two people take the average of their damage taken and divide it by two. Each person is healed for this amount. (2 of each of the four components)

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PostSubject: Re: Looking for Trouble   

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Looking for Trouble
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