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 Strong World, a One Piece RP

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PostSubject: Strong World, a One Piece RP   Tue May 15, 2012 8:51 pm

Nearly fifty years have passed since the ragtag group of Strawhat Pirates conquered the treacherous waters of the New World. Many believed the world would have changed. Some thought that with the apex of freedom that came with such a powerful, meaningful feat, the world government would have collapsed beneath the immense weight and pressure of foregone pride and deceit. Others believed that with One Piece claimed the Age of Pirates would have come to an abrupt end. But at the end of the story, the world saw neither.

The pirate, Monkey D. Luffy, arguably the only man greater than the Pirate King himself, turned his back on the enigma of a treasure to lay way for a continued age of dreaming without ceilings. Treasure, wealth, fame, all as the least of his concerns. Behind him he left the world's greatest mystery for generations to follow.

They most certainly would.

Into the new Pirate Age they'd soar. Dreamers, capitalists, realists, voices of reason, voices of law. No one was left ungripped by the days and rumors that now just loom barely against the horizon. Where will you fall? Can you claim greatness for your own? Can you keep the world from destroying itself inside and out?

It wouldn't be right if you didnt even give it a try.

What should you expect?
At Strong World we pride ourselves on well-rounded role-play with mature players interested in both good plot development and competitive progression. Our core membership has been around in various projects of ours for years now and won't likely go anywhere soon. We're hoping to expand, bring in some new faces interested in expanding with us into One Piece.

We strive for both a mix of measured progression and a touch of free form. Strong World will give you chances to integrate some of the steep fantasy suitable to One Piece while having a solid set of rules to supplement and keep things organized and tidy.

We pride ourselves on high standards, but you don't need to be cream of the crop to enjoy yourself at our site. Hit us up, have fun, learn more, progress through as much of an engaging plot as you can find anywhere else on the net.

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Strong World, a One Piece RP
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