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 Genshi Molynieu

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PostSubject: Genshi Molynieu   Genshi Molynieu EmptyMon May 14, 2012 1:11 pm

Character Name: Genshi
Allegiance : Pirate
Job: cook
Crew or Loner: crew
How you found us: I was looking around and I came across it
[b] Do you agree to the site rules?:
Practice post:

Genshi's small boat rocked on the sea, the moolight dancing on the waves as the young man slept the night away. This night was warm, the creatures of the sea continuing whatever activity they chose. Genshi dreamt of a large crew, a powerful crew, a friendly crew. A crew that Genshi could call a family. He would awake many times, hoping to see the crew of his dreams, only to find himself alone. He eventually fell asleep again, and this time he did not wake himself from his dream, Genshi allowed himself to enjoy it. However, it was apparent that nature wouldn't allow that. His boat hit the sandy shores of an island, quickly waking him.

"While I'm here, I may as well stretch my legs." He thought, stepping out of his boat.

Genshi was sure that he didn't see an island before, but then again, he was having troubles sleeping, and for all he knew, he could've fallen asleep hours ago. The island's trees were tall, Genshi could only imagine the fruits they held. He was bout to head back to his ship, when he heard a rustling nearby. Genshi remained motionless, hoping to hear the rustling again. He did. He ran over to the only jostling bush in his line of sight, suspecting that whatever was inside was making the noises. He pulled the bush open and peered inside, seeing a a pair of tiny rodents, huddled with a larger rodent, presumably their mother. He closed the bush and tiptoed away, as to not awaken the family. He instantly began to think of his mother, his father. On the sea, he couldn't turn around. When he left his home to become a pirate, he hadn't taken to accout how much he'd miss them. He sighed as he sumped into his boat, kicking It off the beach and back to thr calm sea. He layed down and shut his eyes, dreaming of his family, the good times he wanted to remember forever. A smile crept on his face, as he blindly sailed the sea.

Genshi awoke many hours later, sunlight glistening on his face. He sat up and rubbed his eyes, looking forward to the seemingly endless horizon. He reached into his bag, and pulled out a turkey sandwhich, which he gleefully ate. Genshi chased it down with a bottle of fruit punch, refreshing his body and giving him the necessary vitamins to continue. After finishing his meal, he rubbed his hands on his pants to clean them. With an entire day ahead of him, he chose to get some excercise in. He got ito the pushup position and began to do the aforementioned excercise. Building strength was crucial in the pirate world, if you were too weak, you would never survive. Following the pushups, Genshi did a headstand. He had learned that this supposedly calms you down. Following the headstand, he sat on his boat, watching the scenery, as a seagull flew by. A good sign, seagulls live close to land. He smiled and waited for the island to break the horizon and hopefully begin his journney.

(529 words)
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Nico Robin
Nico Robin

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PostSubject: Re: Genshi Molynieu   Genshi Molynieu EmptyMon May 14, 2012 2:26 pm

Welcome to Shores of Destiny!

Our goal here is to offer as many customization options as possible while providing a fun, gaming-esque atmosphere. If you need anything please feel free to contact a staff member.

Please make sure to read the following threads as they will help you on your adventure!

We don't require anything special to get started after you are accepted, just jump right in and write.
You don't have to write out anything to travel from place to place, though we do encourage it.

As a new member on the site, you get a few items to start out...
Unforged Weapon- To forge this weapon, take a look at THIS THREAD. This will make a tier 1 weapon with nothing particularly special about it.
Boat- single person, 3 attacks, 2 slots. For more information on ships go HERE.
One Free Custom Skill- As soon as you join, you get one free custom skill request. It must be T1.

Starting Stats
Exp: 0
HP: 1000
Attack: 200
SP: 200
Defense: 5%
AP: 3
Beri: 0

Read more about Stats HERE

And please change your username to your character's name.
If the system won't allow you to, please let me know.
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Genshi Molynieu
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